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The Fishing

In the eight years in which he has been offering charter trips on Lead Us, Colin’s customers have landed cod to 16lb, Smoothound to 14lb, Thornback Ray to 13lb, Bass to 10lb and even Whiting to over 2lb amongst many other species found locally including sole, dabs and the inevitable dogfish. Relax on the way back as Colin guts your freshly-caught fish for you to take back; if it’s sizeable you can take it home with you and if it’s not you can catch it again another day; yes, you are welcome to keep your entire catch if you so wish!

With inshore wreck fishing being relatively unproductive due to water clarity, Colin is most often anchored over the rough ground inshore feeding spots to be found of Corton, a haven from trawling which sees good numbers of Cod and Smoothound regularly coming aboard. A spot sheltered by the cliffs from wind and the breaking up of the tidal flows and swell by the harbour at Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Ness this allows fishing trips to be taken in all but the worst conditions and time on the mark is maximised by the proximity to the mooring with under an hour’s steaming time from the jetty.

Cod, whiting, dabs and pout are caught throughout the year, peaking from October to April when the bass, smoothound, thornback ray and dogfish also move in through to November with the chance of a bonus sole between July and September.

The most effective baits locally are unwashed loligo squid, fresh lugworm, fresh and frozen black lugworm and both peeler and hermit crab. Cocktails of squid and worm or worm tipped with mackerel and herring increase catch rates and livebaiting with small whiting offer the chance of a specimen cod or bass.

In general 4/0 hooks are the most suitable size and fished with a running leger and flowing hook-length account for all species and grip-weights in the 6-10oz range keep baits on the bottom where most local species feed.

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